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With a focus on theoretical and practical knowledge, our defensive driving school ensures that our students gain the skills they need for 98% driving success on the road.


Our driving coaches are dedicated to teach students to unlock their maximum potential on the road.

Lower Car Insurance

The Driver's Licence History serves as proof of BDE course completion and graduation, widely recognized by the insurance industry.

Online Education

We provide MTO Approved Online Beginner Drivers Education Course that allows you to start at any time and learn at your own pace.


You will be trained in the latest Safety Techniques & Rules of the Road.


Now is the perfect time to start your Online or Behind The Wheel and Road training.


We know this process can be expensive. Payment Plans are available on demand.

Are You Ready?

Canada’s one of the best driving schools earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving education.

With our Friendly local driving experts instructors, you will enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you start driving lessons and learn driving.

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    Learn Collision free, Safe and Confident driving with most reputed Sun Driving Academy.

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    Our Courses

    We are committed to offering top-notch driver education services that are aimed at enabling our students to achieve their driving licenses in a safe and responsible manner.

    Beginner’s Driving Lesson

    This course is designed to help new drivers develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become safe and responsible drivers.

    Individual In-Car Lesson

    This Lesson is designed to help students who need additional practice before taking their G2 and G road test

    Road Test Preparation

    Our experienced instructors prepare students for their road test by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills.


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