Frequently asked questions

The minimum age to enroll in our driving school is 16 years old for a learner's permit

To get a driver’s license in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years of age. Graduated licensing was introduced in Ontario in April 1994. In order to get your driver’s license, you must go through three stages.

In the first stage, you obtain a Driver’s Handbook, which is available at any book store, convenience store, MTO office and also at various other locations such as Canadian Tire. Then, on or after your 16th birthday and once you have studied the handbook, you can go to the Drive Test centre nearest to you and write a theoretical G1 exam. You must bring $160.00 and 2 pieces of ID with you. You will also be required to pass a vision test. Once you pass the knowledge and vision examinations, you will be given a G1 license and you will be eligible to do a practical road test one year from that date. The G1 license is essentially your learner’s permit.

Under a G1 class license, many conditions apply which are designed to help you gain experience before you can do your on-road examination. These restrictions are discussed below, and are also covered in the driver’s handbook.

  • Anytime you are behind the wheel, you must be accompanied by a driver who has at least 4 years of full G class driving experience.
  • You are prohibited from driving between the hours of 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM (i.e. midnight to five).
  • You are prohibited from driving on any highways with posted speed limits of 80 km or above, including any of the 400 series highways, unless you are accompanied by a licensed driving instructor.
  • You must maintain a blood alcohol level of 0.00% at all times.
  • You must not have more passengers in your car than there are working seat belts.


After getting the G1 license, you are eligible to reduce the one-year waiting period for your first road test (G1 exit test) if you attend an approved driving school such as Sun Driving Academy. When you complete the full Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course requirements, your certification will be processed allowing you to book your road test as early as 8 months after your G1 was issued instead of waiting a full year also  The Driver's Licence History serves as proof of BDE course completion and graduation, also  widely recognized by the insurance industry Basically, the cost of your automobile insurance can be significantly reduced 

Once you have passed the first road test at the end of 8 or 12 months, you are given a G2 license. There are some conditions with a G2 class license, but far fewer when compared with G1 conditions. These restrictions are discussed below and are also covered in the driver’s handbook You must maintain a blood alcohol level of 0.00% at all times.

  • You must not have more passengers in your car than there are working seat belts.
  • If you are 19 or under, you can carry only one passenger of 19 or below between the hours of 12:00 AM and 5:00AM (midnight to five).
  • If you are 20 and above or have a license for more than six months, you can carry up to three passengers of 19 or below between the hours of 12:00 AM and 5:00AM (midnight to five).


The final phase of the graduated licensing system is the freeway driving examination to obtain a full G class license. G2 class license holders are eligible for the freeway examination (G2 exit test) one year after the G2 license issue date. It is currently not possible to reduce this one year waiting period. The freeway examination must be completed within 5 years from the issue date of the G1 license, otherwise the license will expire.

The requirements to pass the driving test typically include demonstrating safe driving practices, obeying traffic laws, and successfully completing various driving maneuvers, such as parking, turning, and changing lanes.

To be eligible for certification, the Ministry of Transportation requires a minimum of ten (10) hours of completed driving instruction. While many students find these hours sufficient, each individual has their unique learning style and pace. Your in-car instructor will evaluate your progress and recommend extra practice if necessary. We offer additional individual driving lessons and packages to supplement your learning experience, which you can purchase by calling our office. We strongly encourage practicing at home as well since the more you drive, the more confident you'll feel during your road test. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Absolutely! You can start the online course without your G1, and begin the in-car training once you obtain it. Please note that the Ministry of Transportation requires that courses be completed within one year in order to be eligible for certification. You must ensure you give yourself enough time to obtain the G1 and complete 10 hours of in-car training.

Yes, you can join the course any weekday or weekend. Students may start the online course at any time. Online classes take place at scheduled times. You may refer to our schedule or contact our office to find out more info.

Online course completion is not a requirement for beginning your in-car training. We allow our students to do both course components at the same time to allow for faster course completion. You may begin your in-car lessons before or after completing the theory course. It’s your choice!

By taking our Ministry approved course, you will be eligible for your G2 road test just eight months after obtaining your G1 license. Without completing the course, you must wait for at least a year to take your G2 test. In short, completing the Beginner Driver Education (BDE) certificate will cut down the waiting period by four months! The BDE course entails 20 hours of theoretical instruction (online), 10 hours of flexible instruction (homework), and 10 hours of practical in-car training. After fulfilling the 40-hour requirement, your certification will be processed and recorded on your driver's license history. You can then schedule your G2 driving test as soon as eight months after receiving your G1 license.

Yes, we have flexible instalment plans available; however the full balance must be paid prior to beginning the in-car training. Many students will opt to pay half of the course fee when starting the online course, and the other half when they are ready to start the in-car lessons. Please contact our office to find out more about payment plans.

As long as you have a G1 license, you may start your in-car training whenever you’re ready! It's up to the students when they want to start; however you must note that the MTO will only give you one year to complete the full course (in-car and online) in order to be eligible for certification.

You must complete all of the requirements for certification within one year of your starting date.

Sun Driving Academy stands out from other driving schools due to its highly experienced and dedicated team of instructors who provide personalized and comprehensive training to each student. Our state-of-the-art vehicles, flexible course schedules, and competitive pricing make us the preferred choice for students seeking quality driver education. Additionally, our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment ensures that every student gains the confidence and skills needed to become a responsible driver.

Your certification will be processed once the 20 hours of online theory instruction, 10 hours of flexible instruction/homework (home links), and 10 hours of in-vehicle training are complete. These are the three Ministry requirements for certification eligibility.

When your course is complete gets forwarded to the MTO and added to your Driver’s License History (DLH). You can go any to the Service Ontario location and request that they print you a copy of your DLH for $12.

Yes, free pick-up and drop-off is provided unless you reside in a restricted area.

At Sun Driving Academy, we prioritize our students by offering affordable prices without compromising the quality of our courses. As an approved Ministry of Transportation driving school, we provide the same certification as other schools, and insurance deductibles cannot be altered. With over 10 years of experience, we require less advertising and rely heavily on word of mouth referrals from satisfied past students and parents. Our reputation is built on producing skilled and confident drivers, making us a highly respected driving school.

For an additional cost, you can use the instructor's car for your road test, including a refresher lesson on the day of the exam. If your road test is booked at a Driver test center located outside your area, the in-car instructor will communicate any additional fees that may be required.

We highly recommend using the car you learned in, as it will make you feel more comfortable. The school roof sign on top of the car will also indicate to other drivers that you are a beginner. With over 10 years of experience, our instructors are very knowledgeable about road test centers and ensure that our students are fully prepared before taking their test. This approach helps examiners feel more at ease with novice drivers in the car.

Deposit for (BDE) Course Registration:

A 50% deposit is required for ( Beginner Driver Education)  course registration.

After completing 30 hours of online training, an additional 50% payment is needed to initiate in-car lessons.

Refund Policy for Full Course Packages:

Full refunds are permitted within 30 days of purchase.

This includes a non-refundable $50 registration fee.

No refunds are available once the course has commenced

Course Completion Timeframe:

The full course must be completed within one year.

Individual Car Lesson and Road Test Packages:

Full payment is required before the start of individual car lessons and road test packages

Cancellation Policy for In-Car Lessons:

A cancellation fee of $50/hour is applicable for cancellations made with 24-48 hours' notice.

   Each session has a minimum duration of 2 hours.